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What is American Marketing Association?

The American Marketing Association is an association for marketing professionals with over 30,000 members and 320 collegiate chapters around the US and Canada. AMA assists students in creating a brand that represents who they are in the ever-changing world of marketing. AMA offers a multitude of opportunities for college students, including participating in and attending national conferences, exclusive access to industry research and news, and endless networking opportunities.

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An inclusive organization that welcomes all students regardless of their major or career path. Every student needs to know how to create a well-tailored resume, build their professional network, successfully interview for their dream career, and market themselves as the most qualified candidate in the room. At UWL AMA, we work to help students in creating a brand that represents them as an individual, and help them prepare to show that in their lives.


UWL AMA members are granted countless opportunities to grow as marketers and humans:

  • Gaining hands on marketing experience

  • Developing an in-depth marketing plan for an established company by participating in the Collegiate Case Competition

  • Expanding and managing Campus Cakes, a student-operated bakery business

  • Running for a leadership position on our Executive Board

  • Networking and learning from marketing professionals and guest speakers

  • Competing & traveling both in and out of state to AMA Collegiate Conferences

  • Building essential skills through workshops for things like resumes, LinkedIn profiles, job interviews, etc.

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Our Accomplishments

  • National Collegiate Case Competition Honorable Mention - 2022

  • National Outstanding Chapter Planning Award - 2020

  • National Collegiate Case Competition Honorable Mention - 2020

  • National Outstanding Professional Development Award - 2020

  • National Outstanding Community & Social Impact Award - 2020

  • National Collegiate Case Competition 3rd Place Ranking - 2019

  • 5th Place Ranking in Active Member Size - 2018

  • International Chapter Award Top 25 Ranking - 2017

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